Mid-life crisis

Mid-life crisis is real and not a cliché. Very often, the unhappiness you and men like you express is often dismissed by others as just a “mid-life crisis”. Flippant jokes revolving around sports cars and younger women demonstrate how little support is available for men during this time.

To “B,” or Not to “B”:

The validity of injectable vitamin B12. In the wellness industry there is a growing trend of inject-able vitamins, in particular B12.  Clinics are springing up and offering shots of the “skinny” vitamin for around $30-40.   Clients are promised these shots will: “Increase energy,  melt fat and help lose weight.” Is this accurate? Are B12 injections …

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Giving from the Heart is Good for the Heart…

Dr. Jenny Wilson   Today is #GivingTuesday and it makes a welcome contrast from the materialistic ballyhoo of ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’. Some people feel awkward with the idea of donating money to charity – especially when they get “hit-up” to get their wallet out for a cause that doesn’t resonate. That’s OK. We …

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